How Do I Even Get Started?

One of the biggest challenges about bitcoin has been the learning curves to enter safely into this fast paced and fast changing technology.  Most people don't have the time to do the proper research to learn and others don't have the tech background or perhaps both.  

It is difficult for individuals to know which wallet to use, which exchange to use, the difference between public and private keys, what a seed phrase is or where to store your Crypto and what the heck is a Satoshi?  Here you can not only come for the bitcoin price, but have access to  learn everything and anything about bitcoin. What is bitcoin, Where and How to Buy, Sell, Trade and Securely Store your Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies.  

 At the bitcoin101 we built a hands-on system that if desired with a few different sessions you can learn all about Bitcoin from wallet creation to trading for other assets on an exchange and even staking for passive income.  Most importantly we teach you hands-on how to be your own bank.  We do not want you to be left behind or  have your bitcoin at risk  just because you didn't know. 

Join us as we empower you with our Hands-on Crypto courses and links to DYOR.  Learn how to buy, store, trade and sell your bitcoin and other crypto assets in a way that does not require you to centralize your assets or make uneducated mistakes.