Canadian Exchanges with FIAT on ramps

FIAT On Ramps and Fees

There's more than one exchange available to trade bitcoin here in Canada and around the world. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about the different ways to fund your account. Research the fees that each exchange has when funding, trading or withdrawing your bitcoin or FIAT currencies.



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Zero trade fees, Free deposits, 1% withdrawal fees


Method -- What it is -- Fee -- Estimated Timing -- Limits

1.  Interac® e-Transfer -- Deposit funds using Interac® e-Transfer -- Free -- Within 24 hours*--Unlimited

2.  Wire--Wire funds directly from your bank or financial institution--Free--Immediate upon completion of transaction--Unlimited

3.  Canada Post Load--Fund with cash or by Interac® at any Canada Post location--Free--Immediate upon completion of transaction--$500.00 per transaction and $3,500.00 per week

4. Cryptocurrency--Deposit cryptocurrency from another wallet--Free--Dependent on the speed of underlying cryptocurrency network--Unlimited

 *When depositing via e-Transfer, the funds will appear in your Bitvo account within 24 hours (typically it only takes a few hours) and you will be able to use your funds to trade without restriction. Please note, when depositing via e-Transfer, your ability to withdraw fiat or cryptocurrencies will be delayed for 5 days. For your protection, e-Transfer transactions will only be accepted where the sender name matches the Bitvo account name. 



Funding your Account


$20.00 - 500.00

 Processing Instant Min $20 Max $500 Fee 3.5%

 1. Purchase a Flexepin voucher from a participating retail outlet and obtain a unique 16 digit secure pin code.

2. Redeem your Flexepin voucher by entering your pin code below to instantly fund your account.

** Please Note: Flexepin funded CAD will automatically be converted to BTC within your dashboard.**

Interac e-Transfer

$100.00 - 10,000.00

 All accounts are subject to 3 days of withholding on incoming e-Transfers. 

 Processing 1-3+ Days Min$100 Max$10,000 Fee 1.5%

  • Your funds will be available for trading as soon as they are credited to your account.
  • Withholding restrictions are removed on subsequent transfers after a minimum of 5 completed e-transfers and $3,000 CAD of cumulative volume.

 **Please Note Your Bank May Require You To Contact Them To Approve Sending the E-Transfer.** 

Wire Transfer

$10,000.00 - Unlimited

 Processing Same Day Before 4pm EST Min $10,000 Max Unlimited

  • Fee Structure:
    • 0% for deposits of $100,000+
    • 0.25% for $25,000 - $99,999
    • 0.5% for $10,000 - $24,999
    • 1.5% for $0 - $9,999
  • Wire deposits have no withholding. 

Trading Fees - Bit Markets

Method          Maker1          Taker2

(All)               0.1%              0.2%

1Market maker order; providing liquidity.

2Market taker order; removing liquidity.

*Fees are taken from the settlement amount of the trade.

Trading Fees - QuickTrade

Method       Single3        Double4

(All)            0.2%            0.4%

3Single conversion rate apply when one of the coin is BTC (buy or sell).

4Double conversion rate apply when both coins are not BTC. 



Bull Bitcoin 

Funding your Account


E-transfers are the easiest and fastest way to fund your account!

✔️ Available with any Canadian banks

✔️ Up to $3000 CAD per day

✔️ Processed within a few business hours

 Payment processor fee  0.25%
Flat fee  $0.95 CAD

 Direct Debits (also called Pre-Authorized Debits) allow Bull Bitcoin users to link any Canadian bank account to the Bull Bitcoin platform and enable Bull Bitcoin to pull the payment directly out of their bank account.

✔️Available to all Canadian Bank Accounts

✔️Up to $3000 CAD per day

✔️Opt-in payment verification for faster approvals

✔️ Low processing fees

✔️ No need to use online banking after initial setup

✔️ Doesn’t use the Interac network (more secure and reliable)

 Processing cost  0.25%
Flat fee  $0.95 CAD


Wire transfers are mostly used to send payments over $3,000 CAD. You must go in person at your bank but this works perfectly for big transfers.

✔️ Available with any Canadian banks

✔️ Up to $1,000,000 CAD per day

✔️ Processed within a few business hours

 Processing Cost  0%
Flat Fee  $0.00 CAD

Desjardins Transfer. If you have a bank account with Caisse Desjardins, you can transfer funds directly to our bank account.

✔️ No processing fee

✔️ Up to $1,000,000 CAD per day

✔️ Processed within a few business hours

Processing cost  0%
-Flat fee  $0.00 CAD



Limits and fees 

Daily limit                Weekly limit

KYC Level 1

$0.00 CAD to $10,000.00,   CAD $15,000 CAD

KYC level 2 

 $3,000.01 CAD  $10,000.00 CAD,   $50,000.00 CAD 

KYC Level 3

 $10,001.00 CAD to $25,000 CAD,   $100,000.00 CAD,

Processing fee 0%

Flat Fee $0.00 CAD


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 Trading Fees 

Market Maker Free

Trading Fee0.20% 


Deposit Fees 

 Interac e-Transfer 


$100 to $3,000 

$10,0000 Max in 24hrs

  0-3 Hour timeframe 

 Bank Draft / Certified Cheque


 $3,000  to No limit

 1 per 24hrs

  0-1 Day* 

Wire Transfer


$3,000 to No limit

1 per every 24hrs

0-1 Day* 

 * Wire Transfers and Bank Drafts are subject to bank business hours. 

Withdrawal Fees


Direct Bank Deposit /EFT

Fee $25  Min $100  Max $1,000,0000 -2 Business Days

Wire Transfer Fee $50   Min$1,000  Max $1,000,0000 -2 Business Days

Bitcoin Fee 0.0007  Min0.01 -Instant

Litecoin Fee 0.066  Min 0.05 -Instant

XRP  Fee10   Min 100 -Instant

Ethereum   Fee 0.015  Min 0.15 -Instant

Stellar  Fee 15   Min 200 -Instant

EOS   Fee 0.8  Min10 -Instant

Cardano  Fee 20 -Instant

DOGE  Fee 10 -Instant
* All fees are flat rates, subjected to change with cryptocurrency fluctuations.
** Withdrawals over $100,000 within a 30 day timeframe, are subject to an additional 0.75% fee.